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    At Dragon Space Studio, where we believe in creating unforgettable moments through our theme activities. We are more than just a studio - we are a hub of excitement and adventure. we go above and beyond just a space for classes. We understand that our members crave new and exhilarating experiences, which is why we have curated a wide range of theme activities to push the boundaries of creativity and fun.

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    Dragon Space celebrated its 6th birthday in June this year! Thank you for your company over the past 6 years. Because of your company, we were born, grew and flourished
    For this year's anniversary celebration, we have prepared many surprises for our new and old friends, kids and even the fur babies!

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    Art & Meditation

    It's been three years since we celebrated and laughed with all of you on our birthday! This year, in front of the "Cosmo & Loka" artworks by atist Heyu in the M50 CM Space, we held a 6th birthday party, inviting our partners and friends who have supported us along the way to share a journey of "Art and Positive Thinking"!


    Dragon Space is about power and love, and so are these art pieces. In the evening, under the guidance of reiki master Michael, we walked and meditated among the artworks through the shift of consciousness between inhalation and exhalation, experiencing the present moment and dicovery of ourselves.

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    Charity Doga and Pet Meditation

    As another activity for our 6th anniversary celebration, on a sunny weekend morning, we joined forces with Shanghai's public welfare stray animal rescue group, "the Someone", on the terrace of the pet-friendly restaurant Charlie's Wuding store, and invited parents of fur babies to bring their family pets to participate in one of the most heartwarming loving charity doga and pet healing program! Mothers and fathers of fur babies tried out a new way of interacting with their pets and opened their hearts to each other, spending a unique and meaningful morning together with caring people who love little lives. All proceeds from the course registration were donated to "the Someone" designated veterinary hospital for the rescue of stray animals.

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    Morning Sound Therapy

    On Sunday, we invited Victoria, a veteran sound therapist, to start a morning sound therapy journey of healing and vitality through gong bath and singing bowl, bringing a party for adults and even children who love mindfulness and sound therapy to let the energy flow and reconnect with themselves. With Ms. Victoria's guidance, everyone adjusted their breathing, let their thoughts and consciousness settle back to the present moment, and enjoyed the sound healing baptism of the gong and mantle, which purified the body and soul in the sound waves, thus strengthening the inner strength, balancing the mind and experiencing inner peace.

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